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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
  Illustration Friday-- chair

"It's just nothing happened."

i really can't remember that was created in 2001 or 2002, but about this chinese-style folding chair, i have made a story on this:
i wanted to create a "Suicide" feeling but not to so obviously, but ppl just feel tricky when see the words and said i am cheating them, so i create 1 more pic follow this as a chair-story.

"It's for real this time."
Drew on red paper.
Oh that gave me an eerie feeling! Anyway i thought the 1st one is good enough. It's not too straightforward and it leaves some space for imagination. This kind of things (i mean suicide) is better not made too obvious, don't you think so? :) Great imagination!
Poor invisible man :-(
Very funny idea, and nicely drawn too.
great drawing style. Organic and very original. Inspiring!
I really like it, love the feel of it, dangerously mysterious
Poor bunny :(
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