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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
  Illustration Friday--flavor
Illustration Friday--flavor
::click it to see details::

have u ever tried this b4? Cats will go away immediately, haha!
hahahah... i had to use bubble gum flavored toothpaste this morning and wanted to barf, just awful. my girlfriend got it for me as a joke a while back and i ran out of colgate so...

anyway, this is a great pic. I like the topic, obviously, and the loose style used.
I love the face on the kitty! Maybe it should be tuna-flavored toothpaste:> I really your sketchy style and the background color...well done!
another good drawing, i love the "smell" comes out from the mint toothpaste
and the kitty is really freaked out
LOVE your loose expressive art style!

my kitty LOVES anything minty, even toothpaste. she's the same kitty that loves peanut butter, too!

great illustration, i love the cat's face.
bubble gum flavored toothpaste is disgusting!!XC== but yr girlfriend is funny! haha~ XD
i perfer minty-flavored colgate...hahah

haha, it is not tuna-flavored toothpaste, it is minty~ so my cat freaked out~~haha !
but i like "tuna-flavored toothpaste", sounds nice for cats~

u finally leave me a comment! what a touching comment!!

thx~~i love yr drawing and charachter style too~~:D

HUH???really??!! yr kitty didn't afraid the smell of minty??? i want to get friend with it!
my cat's face is almost the same with it , hahha , funny~
hahahhah wow!!!!! that is a cute illo!!!! ever have to brush your cats teeth?! yes they make cat toothpaste but its as bad as brushing a teething toddler! both bite hard and try to run!!!! this illustration is a hoot!!!
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