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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
  Illustration Friday--cats
They are "Mr Irons' series" envelopes collection, which is inspired from the brother cats (called "big iron" and "little iron")at home.
Plastic cut and print on envelopes, click here can see all envelopes. i made them from last year December til last night, just meet the topic of "cats", hope u like them~ :)
(the picture below is those test print)


this is a story about 2 Mr Iron will cry after having their meal(every meal!). It is a interesting story for real.


this is big iron, he like to watch water goes from the tap and play with it.


this illo i post it last last time for the topic of "flavor" (but it's a photoshop painting), as little iron scare about the minty-flavored toothpaste, when he smell something minty, his will run away immediately.

new tool
he is little iron too, when he taking a catnap on the cushion with a towel, cuz it's super cold in HK now, haha.
wow, those are really nice! such great character and expressions...I especially like him playing in the sink :)
beautiful works! Very nice composition and great expression on the cats!
These are wonderful! I love the envelopes too. Great style. :)
Absolutely love these!! The envelopes are too cool!
Beautiful prints! Devine!!
Fantastic work! My cat also likes to play with the water as it runs out of the faucet. He also has to be pet sometimes when he eats!
I really dig these kinds of prints. You did a very nice job!
Great Prints, the envelopes are just fabulous. Must have been fun making them......gives you endless ideas. Your cats are very cute!
wow! nice design. very cute too :) so catlike
great style, cute cats!
These are gorgeous! I admire people who can pull off great prints like this. I love the simple lines and colors.
These are really lovely. I love the whole series.
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